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Late Rajulmati Mataji

SHRAVIKA SANSTHA was established in the year 1923 by Rajulmati mataji (Rajubai Devchand Devchand Shah of Gunjoti) at Solapur. Rajulmati was daughter of late Umabai and Devchand Ramchand shah-Nimbargikar. She was married to Devchand of Gunjoti. Rajulmat’s brother Nemchand and sister-in-law Hirubai took care of widowed Rajulmati and encouraged her to take further education. He also availed her opportunity to observe and learn work of various social organizations at Poona and Mumbai.

At the same time Seth Gulabchand Revchand Shah of Gunjoti (distant relative of Rajulmati), in loving memory of his mother Chaturbai started a school to educate women by name CHATURBAI KANYA VIDYALAYA in 1912. Rajulmati’s intense desire to help women, especially widows and destitute of the society and free them from their sufferings she joined Chaturbai Kanya vidyalaya and soon she plunged herself in its work and started shouldering its major responsibilities. She devoted her widowed life to this school soon she sensed the lack of residential facilities for the women who desire to get education in Sholapur.

Late Padmashree Sumatibai Shah

Pandita Sumatibai was a great visionary, a celibate, an orator, writer, social worker and freedom fighter. She dedicated her life for the cause of woman’s education along with their social and spiritual uplift. Her social and religious influence earned name and fame to the institution. She also visited Japan where her talk on Vegetarianism and Yoga was well appreciated by the gathering. As a writer, out of her voluminous work Punnaarghya grantha is the milestone in the Jain literature.

Having pulsed the need of the society especially women, visionary pandita Sumatibai evolved and executed different sections in the institution. Soon Shravika Sanstha bloomed in the bouquet of various centers where learning and earning made helpless and distressed women confident and self reliant.

Bhagvan Mahaveer Mandir - Shravika Sanstha estd 1991

SHRAVIKA SANSTHANAGAR is spread over 2.5 acres of land in the heart of the solapur city of Maharashtra. This organization is at present working in full swing through preprimary to higher education centers, computer center, E-lab technical school and well equipped library for imparting education in Marathi and English media. Music school, Dance school, Sewing classes, sports academy drawing and craft classes of the Sanstha take care of the total personality of the student. Cultural and religious heritage is preserved and boosted through Bhagvan Mahaveer Mandir and Mahaveer Research Center. Shravika magazine is being published since 44 years has brought forth the research and intellectual write-ups of many well known scholars and at the same time provided a dais for budding writers. Shravika Sanstha is organizing state level Educational competitions in nameof SHANTISAGAR VAKTRUTVA SPARDHA since 55 years. Poor and needy students are given financial assistance through VIDYULATA VIDYAYTAN NIDHI which is sponsored by present president Br. Vidyulata Shah who executed the plans of Sumatibai then and bored the responsibility of shravika sanstha after death of pandita Sumatibai, as president. Mr. Ratanchand S Shah age 94 is still working efficiently and energetically as Secretary of the institution. Able leadership of these two stalwarts is leading the institution with the help of its CEO Mr. Harshavadan Shah and other trustee members Mr. C.R.Doshi, Mr.Yateen Subhash Shah, Mr.Sachin Shashikant Shah and Mr. Ajeet Prakash Shah.



  1. Chaturbai Shravika Vidyalaya(estd.-1912)

    Priprimary and Primary School for girls and boys where education is given in Marathi and Semi English.

  2. Umabai Shravika Vidyalaya ( est.- 1956)

    Founded by late Pandita Sumatibai Shah is a secondary girls school of marathi medium and semi English medium.

  3. P.S.English medium School (est-1974)

    Well equipped with library,science lab,computer and E Lab imparts education in English from Nursey to 12th Standard(Commerce and Science )

  4. Umabai Arts and Commerce junior College(est-1985)

    11th and 12th standard (Arts and Commerce)Marathi medium education is given to girls only in this college.

  5. Archarya Devnandi Computer Academy(estd-1998)

    All Students of Various School in the institution are given Computer education in this center which is well equipped with modern technology.

  6. E Lab

    A highly modernized and well equipped computerized ENGLISH LAB where English learning is made easy.

  7. Sumatibai Sangeet Mahavidylaya

    Vocal and Instrumental music like sitar, Tabala,Voline,Synthesizer are tought by respective Experts.

  8. Sumati Dance Academy

    Students of this Institution learn here classical,western and folk dances and develop their skills and hobbies.

  9. Shravika Dance Academy

    Drawing,handicraft and Rangoli classes are taken for those who desire.

  1. Kshullika Rajulmati Digamber Jain Shravikashram (estd.- 1923)

    Drawing,handicraft and Rangoli classes are taken for those who desire.

  2. Late Hirubai Nemchand Granthalaya (estd - 1981)

    A well developed and well furnished B grade Library quenches the reading thirst of the readers of all classes.

  3. Mahila Vasatighruh(est.- 1983) (est.- 1983)

    Residential facilty with mess for working women.

  4. Raosaheb Nimbargikar Sabhagruh

    Spacious and well ventilated Auditorium for cultural programs,meeting,seminars and compitions.

  5. Multipurpose hall

    Hall for small gathering ,Guest lectures and special classes.

  6. Kasturbai Amichand Vasatighruh

    Extension of Hostel to fulfil the growing population of the hostel with all and modern facilities.

  7. Aryika chandramati Smarak Bhavan

    Discourse on religious topics is conducted on regular basis by Experts in this faculty.

  1. Sanskrit Mahavidylaya (estd- 1912)

    Sanskrit,Mother of all languages is taken from basic to Tirth.

  2. Bhagwan Mahaveer Mandir and Mahaveer Research Center(estd 1991)

    Principles of Jainism can be learnt and research work in Jainology can be carried out with the help of various ancient texts.

  1. Acharya Pujyapad Ayurved Pratisthan Aushadhalaya (estd - 1991 )

    Pure Ayurvedic treatment for all ailments at resonable cost to one and all by Ayurved experts.

  2. Fulubai Sakharam Swasthya Samvardhan Mandir (estd - 1995 )

    Fitness center where YOGA and PRANAYAM classes are conducted in regular basis.

  3. Shravika Counseling Center(estd - 2011)

    Knowing the importance of the mental health, to develop positive mental health and to meet the challenges we come across in growing children ,this counseling center helps students , teachers and parents to develop personality and solve the day to day problems by experts Psychological Counselor.

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Vidyulata Shah

President Shravika Sanstha

Harshavardan Shah

CEO Shravika Sanstha

C R Doshi

Trustee Member

Yatin Shah

Trustee Member

Sachin Shah

Trustee Member

Nikhil Shah

Trustee Member

Nitant Shah

Trustee Member

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